maanantai 29. elokuuta 2011

BABY "Pähkinä"

Cassu tuolla kyseli vauvakuvia... tässä pari kuvaa neidistä viiden päivän ikäisenä. Huomennahan tulee jo kolme viikkoa täyteen! Tyttö on vielä toistaiseksi "Pähkinä".
Ja minä siis onnesta sekaisin oleva isoäiti!

Cassu asked for babypics... here is a couple of pics about the five days old little baby girl. Tomorrow she is already three weeks!
And I´m a blissful Granny!

keskiviikko 24. elokuuta 2011

WOYWW #116

Hello everyone! Last week I wasn´t at home, but arranging my Mother´s funeral. The benediction took place on thursday. Hard week!
Otherwise, the Baby has been a real blessing in the middle of all this! It´s great to be Granny!

On my workdesk is a pile of ATCs. They are for my Lost & Found challenge, which is going on on my Half Way Storage-blog. In fact, I´m a couple of weeks late, and therefor it is a whole pile of cards!!!
And yesterday I bought Derwent´s Inktense Blocks. I love the Inktense pencils, and I´m sure i will love these, too!

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keskiviikko 10. elokuuta 2011


Is it really three weeks after my last posting!? No wonder - so much has happened!
Three weeks ago I told I was going to see my mother. Some of you knew she was seriously ill. She told me then, that she´s not able to live at home anymore, and we called an ambulance to take her to the hospital. Ten days later she passed away, peacefully while sleeping.
And ten days from that, yesterday, my elder daughter got a baby girl! There was a bit dramatics, but now both baby and mother are well - and the father too, I hope!
So, I have to think that everything´s in perfect balance in the universe!

Tomorrow I´m going to leave for a short trip to Stockholm, Sweden, with my husband. I really need it now!

On my workdesk there is a new toy:
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