keskiviikko 27. helmikuuta 2013

WOYWW #195

 Hi, everyone! It´s again Wednesday, which is WOYWW day! And this is my work desk as I left it Tuesday evening.
If you look at the posting below, you´ll see that I have joined to a journal challenge. And I said, that I can´t wait until the first of March, when it starts... so I made the cover :)

The cover of the journal
The challenge is named "March and my Journal". I have some new embossing folders, and I made these metal letters with them, embossing metal tape. I also have purchased Tim´s rubber stamps, as you can see... The girl is from HiddenVintageStudios´ "Nesting Nymphs" sheet.

New stamps and embossing folder - and newspaper roses

close up
These roses are made of newspaper, coloured with spray colours and decorated with Stickles glue and golden embossing enamel. Klick to enlarge.
Happy WOYWW to everyone! Have a nice and creative day!

maanantai 25. helmikuuta 2013

Muistikirjamaaliskuu - March and my Journal

Jos olette sattuneet huomaamaan, tuossa sivupalkissa on linkki tyttäreni upouuteen blogiin. Siellä taas on linkkejä muutamiin muihin blogeihin... Ja sitä kautta löysin tieni Terhin Hupsistarallaa blogiin, jossa on juuri parahiksi alkamassa Muistikirjamaaliskuu haaste. Sinnepä tietysti ilmoittauduin :) En ole ennen osallistunut muuta kuin korttihaasteisiin, joten odotan tätä innolla. Materiaalia ainakin löytyy pilvin pimein!

On the side bar is a link to my daughter´s brand new blog. From there I found a link to Terhi´s Hupsistarallaa blog, where is just about to start a journal challenge. It´s called March and my Journal and you´ll find the instructions in English from Inari´s Ikomi blog.
So, I joined in :) This is the first journal challenge I participate. Can´t wait the first of March!

tiistai 19. helmikuuta 2013

LillyBo quilt

...or rather a patchwork. So, I got this made. But as Jo here wrote, it comes quite expensive to send it to UK. So I´ve desided to give it to Mannerheim League for Child Welfare´s local association.
I´m so proud to be part of this, even in some way! You can see here what this LillyBo is all about.
This is the blanket with its green fleece backing

The bag for the blanket

I have to skip the WOYWW tomorrow, because I will not be at home. And on Thursday I´ll leave for Stockholm and will be back again on Saturday. Have a lovely week, everyone :)

maanantai 18. helmikuuta 2013


The snow crashed down from the roof

...and more is coming

Snowy trees

The man next door

keskiviikko 13. helmikuuta 2013

WOYWW #193 - glittering

Happy Wednesday and WOYWW! Look at Julia´s Stamping Ground, and you´ll see what it means!

Here is my early morning flash light pic of my crafting place.  I have purchased Stampendous´ Fran-táge embossing enamels and mica flakes. Now playing with them. I´ve never much liked anything glittering, but these are quite interesting...
There is also my new crop-a-dile, which I purchased after making the TP roll mini album - and all the holes with my old, blunted punch tool. This is awesome!

Making glittering ATCs

Close up of the sheet. Printed with bubble plastic and embossed with Stampendous´ "aged spice". Added some mica flakes and a bit Ranger´s "African Gold" embossing powder. The backgroud is coloured with Distress Ink "Stormy Sky". Click to enlarge.

tiistai 12. helmikuuta 2013


I have to show you what I´ve got! It´s so nice to get real mail :)

First came this one from Claire.  A bag ful of treasures... cards, tags, pics... with a handwritten letter.

And after a few days an other letter from UK! It was from Donna. A card stamped with her new stamp and the other card with the face I love so much :) ...and much more!