maanantai 19. marraskuuta 2012

Here I am again - back to The Blogland! Dear Jo already was worried about me, but I´m alright! As you maybe saw some postings below, I have been Lost -
in The Land of Artful Books, I guess...
(click on the pictures to enlarge)

 Beautiful book covers:
 I got some Chinese newspapers from a friend of mine - she´s a stewardess...
No idea what it says, but looks pretty :) I´ve used them on my pages.

 This is a kind of double spread...
 close up:
 When you open this spread... get this double spread:
 Another double spread. I used my father´s old schoolpic.
(a copy of it, of course)
 Here are the boys again...
 This was made after the Sandy-storm: