keskiviikko 20. kesäkuuta 2012

WOYWW #159

Hi all! I missed last week because of our trip to Stockholm. But is it really already wednesday - what happened to monday and tuesday...
Yes, it is wednesday and time for WOYWW on Julia´s Stamping Ground!

Well, yesterday I spent travelling with my DD1 and little Olivia. We went to plant flowers on the grave of my parents. First by train and then by bus - about 100 kilometers in one direction - so it took the whole day!

Here are some shoppings from Stockholm - I also bought new jeans with 50% discount :)

And the 3rd Anniversary swap ATCs that have already arrived ( Thank you sooo much, love them all!):

I found (from my own reserves) this lovely fabric - I need a new shopping bag... :

And here rests my dear parents - now with the flowers:

keskiviikko 6. kesäkuuta 2012

WOYWW #157

This is going to be very short today!
Last week on my desk was lying some fabrics - here you see how those fabrics look now :) Not quite finished yet...

This was also a good mail week! Big thanks to everyone who swapped with me! And big thanks also to Julia who has made all this possible!
Happy WOYWW to everyone!