keskiviikko 27. huhtikuuta 2011


I´m back in the WOYWW and making ATCs of lost-and-found objects. That background is a magazine I have had to protect my desk - and now there are layers of different kinds of glues and inks... I think I´m gonna use it too...
My Lost-and-Found ATCs you can see here on my other blog.
And more workdesks you´ll find on Julia´s Stamping Ground!

9 kommenttia:

  1. What a lovely lot of found items. Good luck with the birth of your first grandchild. It's a very special feeling :-)
    A x

  2. Exciting! Thanks for the peek and sharing, bunches of hugs Marjo #18. Have a great WOYWW

  3. good to see you again - loving the colours and findings there - hope to see more soon...
    Thanks for the peek - enjoy your week!

    Sarah at 8.

  4. fab project, Happy WOYWW 99, Thank you for sharing your desk with us much appreciated it. A great desk. #31.

  5. awesome finds to use on your ATC's I would be with the snow and ice you get there it is difficult to 'find' stuff in the winter. Can't wait to see what you make of these. Thanks for sharing. Vickie aka okienurse #35

  6. Interesting project...thanks for sharing! Andria WOYWW#121

  7. Great stuff Tuire! I am sure you will make something remarkable!

  8. I love using found objects and my husband gets annoyed and embarrassed when I pick things up in the street. I have boxes of collected treasure.
    Thanks for visiting me ... I have been on holiday and my post was scheduled so I'm just catching up.
    Love JoZarty x