keskiviikko 30. tammikuuta 2013

WOYWW #191 - spinning

Hello everyone! Let´s start from Monday - it felt very boring... I made this ATC:
It says: please, go and sit somewhere else, troubles for you, she´s mad
But then i found a blog, where i saw beautiful handspun yarns.  So... I dug up my spindle, and started to practice again, after many, many years. So fun!
Two first experiments

This is real fun: a bit this and that, thin and thick...

...and I do have materials :)
Let´s keep this simple and short - now I need coffee! And then back to spinning :D
More busy - and tidy (a joke) - work desks to peep on Julia´s Stamping Ground blog!
Happy and creative Wednesday to everyone!

20 kommenttia:

  1. I LOVE that bird, he is just too great! what A look on his face!! Happy WoYww #8


  2. I LOVE your ATC!!! Perfectly represents my mood on occasion, lol! Wow, you spin your own yarn??? How amazingly fun!!

    Happy Crafting!
    Jeannie #12

  3. Spinning looks very exciting. I could imagine spending hours doing that. Thanks for sharing! Lucy #23 x

  4. Very nice! Love the ATC and congrats on picking up an old hobby and doing it again! My daughter spins and knits a lot more then I do but I really appreciate someone taking all the effort to create an item from scratch. Have a great week and thanks for sharing! Vickie #31

  5. love the lil card, and the colours of those yarns - just gorgeous!!!
    happy WOYWW and a have wonderful, spinning week :)
    no. 5

  6. Wow, you cured being bored beautifully! Love the atc, and the yarns look gorgeous. Helen 9

  7. I feel like that bird every morning...I'm most definitely not good at getting up early!! Love the bright colours of those'll have to show how your making turns out :)
    Hugs, LLJ 36 xx

  8. The gooney bird made me smile! It's years since I spun wool by hand and I love the texture created by this method. Wonder now what you'll make? something for Little O no doubt!
    Love jo x

  9. oh Tuire, one of my little pipe dreams is to keep 'undipped' sheep and spin yarn and use in textiles for the home - I get my annual fleece soon from an organic farmer it makes the best yarn....

    Dx 57

  10. Love your ATC that crow is really great..... And that's when your bored!!!!
    Lets see what you do when inspired and on a roll!!!!!

  11. Hi Tuire, I like your ATC - it's not often that you see a humorous looking crow :) And love your handspun yarns - gorgeous. Happy WOYWW, Elizabeth x #71

  12. i love that crow! gorgeous yarns too beautiful colour mix
    Happy WOYWW Mrs.C #41

  13. Your spinning looks very intruiging... and I love that ATC! :)

    Ali #73

  14. I love the crow atc, very funny. Beautiful yarns though, what weight do you think it is?

    Brenda 91

  15. There is no end to your talent..loving the idea of you spinning your yarns and being so you dye them yourself too?

  16. LOVE the ATC, it's adorably grumpy! lol waving hi from the hills of North Carolina ♥

  17. How cool to be able to spin yarn..You really do have many talents.
    Nelle xx #75

  18. Thanks for sharing with us.I'm impressed that you spin your own yarn!
    Have a great day,
    Jeanna #153

  19. I would love to be able to spin yarn. Yours looks lovely! I saw the little book (post below) too. Absolutely gorgeous!
    RosA # 64