keskiviikko 19. lokakuuta 2011

WOYWW 124 - in the middle of disaster

This is an explanation why you have not heard about me for a while. And the question for this week is: WHERE is my workdesk???

Tässä selitys, miksi minusta ei ole kuulunut mitään vähään aikaan. Tämän viikon kysymys onkin: MISSÄ on työpöytäni???

My hubby´s room - no workdesk... only scaffolds outside.
Hi, you Liverpool girls: what can you see there?
/ mieheni huone - ei työpöytää... vain rakennustelineet ulkopuolella.

Living room - no workdesk even there... / Olkkarissakaan ei työpöytää...

Kitchen - wrong kind of workdesk... / Keittiössä vääränlainen työpöytä...

My working room: here it should be... somewhere... / Työhuone: täällä sen pitäisi olla... jossain...

In the courtyard are our old windows. Wall renovation in progress... / Pihalla on meidän vanhat ikkunamme. Seinäremppakin menossa...

From Julia's Stamping Ground, you can see if someone has found her/his desk!

Julian Stamping Groundista voit katsoa, josko joku on löytänyt pöytänsä!

17 kommenttia:

  1. Oh dear looks like you've got your hands full, hope you find your desk soon x

  2. Oh my goodness! How are you surviving? Thanks for all the views and I spotted "The Cavern" pennant even though I am not from the pool. Look forward to seeing the end results. Thanks so much for sharing - Hugs, Neet #1

  3. No moro! Sähän olet tehokkaasti siivonnut kun pöytäkin on kadonnut! Toivottavasti ei mene enää kauan ulkosivuremontissa niin josko se pöytäkin sitten löytyisi ;)

  4. Well at least you have a really good excuse, in fact a strong reason for being so untidy but just think how wonderful it will all be when you get reorganised!
    This Liverpool girl can see the poster ....Help! I need some body, Help not just anybody, He-e-elp!! Boy you need it!
    Love JoZarty xxx good luck!

  5. Looks like a case for Sherlock Holmes; the case of the missing desk! I'm sure it will return though.

  6. Oh good grief - there's alot of work and disruption going on! Still, will be worth it. Love your Cavern pennant..and some lovely instruments dotted about the house!

  7. Wow- you have a large collection of items! What a lot of upheaval in your house! You'll be glad when it's all sorted again :)
    Hugs, LLJ #41 xx

  8. Holy Moly me,

    that looks like my house on a good day,

    hope you unearth the desk soon,


  9. Gosh lots going on there! hope you find your desk soon. (no. 34)

  10. Hope things return to normal for you soon and your desk has its pride of place again ...but I have to agree with Doone house on a good day lol

  11. I'm not a Liverpool girl but I can see the poster and the Cavern pennant! Hope the work gets done quickly and you can get back to normal.

    Brenda 86

  12. You look to be very busy there. Hope you can find a work desk very soon.
    A x

  13. All that disruption still means it will be amazing when everything is finished. New windows before winter is a very good thing! Happy WOYWW from # 2.

  14. Oh dear that must be hard work!! Hope the windows are all done and dusted soon, and good luck on finding the desk,
    Lou P #124

  15. Wow, where does it start and thanks for the peek and sharing

    xoxo Marjo

  16. Oh dear, looks as though it could be some time before you find your workdesk again. Good luck with the renovations this week. elizabeth x #55

  17. Noticed the poster straight away even though not from L'pool lol! You poor things, having to live through that chaos, but it will be worth it in the end, I am sure! Sorry to be late wishing you a happy WOYWW but been busy setting up my Etsy store! Shoshi #97