keskiviikko 28. elokuuta 2013

Flying the Kite

I apologize, I have not done this Wednesday any blog hopping but kite flying :*)

My kite turned out to be a kind of Water Spirit! It would not like to fly very high. Although, it keeps in air very easily; you can walk with it, and it flows in the air - it´s very light. But if you really want to fly it, you have to tease it to go higher... I used a long time to trim the strings, and it still likes to fly rather low - and makes sudden dives! Maybe it needs a bigger tail... But it´s very lovely!

Earlier I also have made an Air Spirit kite. It´s made of cellophane, and has a huge tail made of bread bags and grocery bags, both plastic here... This kite goes as high as I have string! And when it´s that high, you can see only the tail fluttering in the air.

And then I have the Storm Spirit Windy - made of black waste bag! It´s a dog scarer...

I tried to take some photos of the Water Spirit, but in the bright sunlight I didn´t see anything through the camera. But I got some pics - coincidentally ;)

Water Spirit kite - five plastic trash bags put in chain

My Storm Spirit Windy

Sled kite

This is an easy made sled kite, which flies very well. Made of plastic bag and BBQ sticks with tape. We had a harvest festival here in our neighborhood, and I had a kite workshop there - we made about fifty kites!
Unfortunately I don´t have any pics of children flying their kites. My DD1 was there, but she only took pics of her cute little daughter ;)
Here is one pic from our neighborhood´s fb site, taken by Ilpo Halonen. It´s an open fb group, so you can see it :)

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  1. Wow, how fun and so creative! Love that fun way of recyling! Love your kites, and how different they all are! Such personality!