keskiviikko 28. joulukuuta 2011


So, now it´s over - Christmas! Back to the normal, which means that my desk is as messy as usual :)

Joulu ohi ja paluu normaaliin, eli työpöytä sekaisin :)

Some ATCs in progress / ATCt työn alla

But how was the Christmas... first the pic of Olivia from a Christmas card we got.

Mutta se joulu... ensinnäkin kuva Oliviasta saamastamme joulukortista.

The Christmas was quite unusual! We still don´t have any snow here in southern Finland. Christmas Eve morning was frosty, but turned to warmer during the day. Here are some pics from a.m. - It also was the calm before the storm... We had an unusually strong storm on Boxing Day. Trees crashed and many people are still without electricity.
But on Christmas Eve morning it looked like this:

Olihan epätavallinen, lumeton joulu myrskyineen kaikkineen. Mutta Aattoaamuna näytti vielä tältä:

We also had a Green Christmas inside the house! ´cause we already have a tree inside, we only put lights and decorations on our yucca palm :) Here are also some enlightened Buddhas:

Sisälläkin oli vihreä joulu! Kun kerran sisällä jo on puu, laitoimme vain valot ja koristeet jukkapalmuun :) Myös muutama valaistunut Buddha:

Visit also our hostess Julia at her Stamping Ground!
Emäntämme Julian löydät Stamping Groundista!

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  1. It will be interesting to see how your ATC's progress. We have a green christmas every year ... it was lovely to see how you have decorated the Yucca palm. Wishing you a happy new year.

  2. Love looking at snow from your area. Finland fascinates me.
    Bridget #14

  3. Thanks for sharing your Christmas from another country. Always good to see how others celebrate. Love your buddhas.
    Sorry to hear about the storm and hope that soon people will have electricity back in their homes - no fun, especially if it is cold.
    May I take this opportunity of wishing you and yours a Good 2012. Hugs, Neet #4 xx

  4. Aww, Olivia is so cute - what a lovely photo!! I like the way you decorated your yucca, that's cool! We have had a very mild Christmas here in the UK as well, but Scotland has had terrible winds just like Finland. It's been a bit topsy turvy.
    Wishing you a Happy and Exciting 2012!
    Hugs, LLJ #35 xx

  5. Lovely Pictures, thanks for sharing. Our weather was wonderful, no snow, very warm for this time of year and no winds. Made for great travel.
    Now it's on to a new year, May you and yours have a healthy and happy 2012 and enjoy WOYWW.

  6. Gorgeous pictures, thanks for sharing your Christmas. I love the buddhas too- I also have quite a few. I hope you had a wonderful Christmas, and wish you a very Happy New Year, Love Shaz xx

  7. Thank you for all your lovely comments this year. It is people like you that make this blogging thing so rewarding. Have a wonderful creative New Year. Maggie #50

  8. Love your Christmas decorations.


  9. We had your storm on Christmas Day, it was quite spectacular! Greater than 100 mph winds and we too lost electricity and internet. Happy WOYWW and all the best for 2012! Tango, #37

  10. Very green, and very pretty! Love the Buddhas watching over the lights. Amazing weather all across Europe this must have been quite strange without snow!

  11. Back to the norm you say?!? Hmmmm, wonder what that is?!?

  12. Bohemiannie, the norm is that mess all over... :P

  13. that is one cute baby, love the yucca decorations,

    I have finally blogged the PIF you sent me!

    happy new year

  14. Interesting ATCs. Thanks for sharing your holiday decor with us!

  15. I hope those without power get it back quickly. What a storm it must have been.

    The lights on the Buddhas look so peaceful ;-)

    Happy WOYWW #72

  16. Happy WOYWW! Love the way you celebrated the holidays! The ATCs look cool! Thanks for sharing! Have a happy New Year 2012! -Amanda #9

  17. It still looks all very lovely even without the snow - my two boys are disappointed it hasnt snowed yet. Love your desk I am having a thing with reinkers at the moment and am enjoying playing around with them. Thanks for all your lovely comments over the year and I hope you have a lovely New Year.

  18. Gosh! No snow!? That doesn't seem right! It's bad enough us not getting snow (yes, I know, snow can be a nightmare) but to consider a Scandinavian country without it just seems.... wrong somehow.

    Thanks for sharing your enlightened buddhas with us!

  19. Olivia is such a little sweetie in her Christmas hat! The weather is a bit odd all over, we finally had a smattering of snow today but it's warming up towards evening and I can here it melting and dripping off the roof! Hope you enjoyed your Christmas and have a very Happy New Year.

    Brenda 58

  20. Olivias picture is so cute! The ATC's are looking interesting and I look forward to seeing the end product! Winter has been strange here this year with the temperatures all over teh place! Thanks for leaving a comment on my blog this week. I really enjoy hearing what you have to say! Have a Happy New year! Vickie #10