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(Blogger teases me too! First I was not able to load the pics to blogger, but now it seems to work again...)

This is the AB I´m making in Elizabeth´s Altered Book Class.
I´ve not finished the niche nor the front page - I have to make some more thinking with them :) Althoug the Muse for the niche is ready and working well!

´cause my theme deals with wings, my "glue tags" are wing shaped. In the glue experiment I used Pritt´s Original glue stick, which worked fine. It glues well and is immediately dry. I also like the all purpose PVA glue. It wasn´t so wet as I feared. Maybe partly because I have lost the cap and use an aluminium folio on top of it :) We don´t have Elmer´s glue here, but Eri Keeper is well known, and I guess it´s almost the same stuff.
The third "glue" was decoupage lacquer, ´cause I don´t have gel medium. That was far too wet! Althoug it glues well. The last pages I glued together with gesso. Also that took quite a long time to dry. But all my "glues" worked well and didn´t cause wrinkles! ...well, the lacquer a bit...

This is my gesso spread. I really like playing with gesso! It was a good medium to glue the feathers to the page. There is also an used tea bag.

My homework. I noticed that I have the same alphabet stencil as in the link :) I only coloured from the wrong side, so I got the alphabets right way to my page. And I used the Inktence pencils, so I had no problems to get the colour to stick to the page - only problem was, that I was about to glue the whole paper to the page :D So I continued with an instant image transfer method: I spread the glue/water mixture to an ink jet print (on the print side), put that to the page (the print side towards the page) and took it away before the glue dried. The face and butterfly are tranferred with that method. Then I printed the instructions, glued them to the page and added some paper tapes.

Finally the PVA resist experiment. I made it first to the pages I have ripped off the book. I wanted to see, how the different colours works with the glue... and then I draw a wing also in the book. Now I´m waiting the glue to dry...

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  1. I love the look of your book and the glue experiment looks like it's going to be very cool. That's a good idea to practice on some of the torn out pages - I'll do that too. Looking forward to seeing more....

  2. wow, love what your doing, and the wing tags are brilliant! I can't wait to see your niche! I joined your blog as I have with all the AB peeps, just so we can stay connected! waving hi from the hills of North Carolina :)

  3. Fantastic work Tuire! I love the image transfer especially - must try than in one of my pages too. It sounds as your experiments worked a little better than mine - I found the Pritt stick to be the best by far, all the other mediums caused quite a bit of wrinkling.
    Look forward to seeing what you do next!

    ps, I'm going to follow your blog also :)

  4. Love your glue resist - if is the one thing I haven't managed for this lesson, but you have given be a bit of incentive now. Thanks BJ

  5. I'm definitely impressed with the way you describe your glue experiments. My pages buckled a lot more than yours did. It may be that I apply too much glue to my pages, but both my white glue and gesso buckled.

    I'm always impressed with the way you manage to find substitutes. I have no idea what is available to people who don't live in the States, so this is quite new to me.

    Your stencil experiment came out AWESOME. I also colored from the back side, but I didn't use those fantastic new ink pencils I've heard about. Glad you explained what pencils you used. And thanks for posting. I hope the niche goes well soon, too.

  6. Really beautiful! I love your glue wings :-D x

  7. Your wing pages and resists look really nice! I did not have luck with the transfer page even trying 2 different kinds of watercolor pencils.

  8. Your pages are wonderfully expressed. Great theme.

  9. I love these pages - you have done much better than I did. those wings are just gorgeous.

  10. Absolutley beautiful!!! Thank you for sharing,

    Jackie x

  11. I love your pages and the transfer one is beautiful. My theme is Winged things - started out with butterflies but now I'm adding in bugs, dragonflies and (maybe) angels as well.

  12. great pages, the glue shaped wings came out really well. I look forward to your next layouts