keskiviikko 25. huhtikuuta 2012

WOYWW #151 - sewings - ompeluita

Hello all! Today more pics than words - promised! First my desk. This is how it looked tomorrow... Hei kaikille! Tänään enemmän kuvia kuin tekstiä - luvattu! Tältä näytti työpöytä tänä aamuna:
I´ve been sewing again and made some dolls with broken hearts. Everyone has a heart of her/his kind. Olen taas ommellut ja tehnyt muutaman nuken joilla on särkynyt sydän. Jokaisella omanlaisensa.
Then I got the song: "She´s a broken heart collector..." playing in my head... and I made Broken Heart Collectors: Sitten alkoi päässä soida laulu:"She´s a broken heart collector..." ja tein Särkyneiden Sydänten Kerääjät:
Every other day we have got rain and every other sunshine - so there´s not much snow left! Here you can see the last ones on our backyard - and me taking the pic :) Tässä viimeiset lumet takapihalta - ja minä ottamassa kuvaa :)
...and my snowdrops - not many, but very brave! ...ja mun lumipisarat - ei monta, mutta hyvin urheita!
If you are interested to know more about my last week´s hairspray experiments, look here! Viime viikon hiuslakkakokeiluista enemmän täällä! Visit also our Hostess Julia on her Stamping Ground!

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  1. Wow, that's a fab sewing machine you have there and what delightful dolls you have made. Am afraid our weather is not good but no snow!!
    Thanks for sharing and commenting on my blog also. Hugs, Neet #3 xx

  2. loving that machine and the dolls are real stars - so creative and loveable... nice pic of you taking the snow shot! Have a creative week and happy WOYWWing... Sarah at 12!

  3. You are busy and those dolls look amazing
    Bridget #1

  4. LOVE those dolls!! happy woyww, helen, 22

  5. Love your dolls, great work.

    Eliza #26

  6. Your dolls have such character and attitude! Love them! I wish that snow would go completely for you..... you deserve some sunshine as it must have been a long dark Winter there.
    Wish too that you could make it here for tomorrow! Wouldn't it be great?
    Yes! Afghan 2 is well on the way and all from waste time, mostly as a car passenger on all our LONG boring trips up and down motorways.
    Love JoZarty x

  7. Your dolls are amazing, so different and quirky and as Jo said, they definitely have attitude.

    All these people showing their sewing machines are tempting me into getting a new one.

    Thanks for visiting my blog earlier - much appreciated

    Ann B

  8. I love those dolls, they are fabulous :)

    Have a great WOYWW and a fab week, Luv Karen xx #75

  9. ah my snowdrops have been and gone, can I buy one of your dolls? I would mend the broken heart promise...


    if you don't sell can we swap??? you can choose any thing of mine you want or ask me to make something for you...

  10. Wonderful looking projects!! I so admire all sewers!

    Happy WOYWW #34

  11. Oh my gosh. I love, love, LOVE your dolls! They are utterly adorable!

    Happy Wednesday!

    Zoe #49

  12. LOVE the dolls, so quirky and fun!! Trish #50

  13. I couldn't make those dolls in a million years - they are so intricate, look at all the detail. I'm just not patient enough but I really admire people who are!! They are fab, Tuire, and so full of character :)
    Hugs, LLJ #33 xx

  14. Oooh I love the dolls - do you just make them up or follow a pattern? We havent had any snow this year yet :( Thanks for sharing - Sunshine Girl No. 20

    1. I just make them up - don´t have any patterns. So they are all unique!

  15. Poor broken hearted dollies! Love all the free machining you've used, how uninhibited your creativity is, in every medium.

  16. Is that snow real? I thought it was bad here with cold, wind and rain - I am not going to complain anymore! Love those beautiful dolls, they are gorgeous.........Happy WOYWW, Anne #61

  17. I love the dolls specially the heart collectors! Im from a tropical country and extremely hot here! A bit of snow will be wonderful!

    first-timer WOYWW

  18. Super sewing going on! Enjoy WOYWW, am working through the list in shifts! Take care Zo xx 77

  19. What totally fun dolls you have made. They are just fabulous, broken hearts or not. Your desk has quite the jumble of fabric on it, the better to find things to play with!

  20. those dolls are amazing
    have a crafty week and
    happy WOYWW
    kay #98

  21. Oh those dolls are just gorgeous.
    Carolyn #90

  22. I love your broken heart dolls. They are beautiful. dani138

  23. I love all the sewing you have been doing with your broken heart dolls. I think they are awesome! Have a great week and thanks for commenting on my blog! Vickie #41

  24. Love your dolls - how sweet - shame they have broken hearts but they are so beautifully made - (Hazel, #173) x

  25. Sun, rain and snow . . . sounds like the uk too.
    love your dolls very quirky
    janet #29

  26. Your dolls are awesome love the funky look of them :)

  27. Your dolls are absolutely fabulous. I LOVE the broken heart idea. Sad but yet lovely. Love them. :)


  28. Wondwerful Artdolls!
    I love them <3

    Happy WOYWW!
    Susan, nr 92

  29. Great sewing machine and thanks for taking a pic of the brave snowdrops.
    Sandra #17

  30. I love your dolls, they look like they each have a different personality.
    Winter is starting for us, so it is getting very cold here, but we hardly ever get snow in South Africa, only on the highest mountains and maybe every 20 yesars where I live.
    Happy WOYWW

  31. What a busy desk and work are you have Tuire. Your broken hearted dolls are beautiful, so unique.

    In the UK we have torrential rain one minute and glorious sunshine the next, then wind - lol. I'm glad your snow has almost cleared.

    Thanks for already coming to see my desk this week x
    WoYwW # 28

  32. wow such an interesting desk love all the projects you have on the go
    sorry I am late I am catching up with all the people I didn't get chance to visit on wednesday x
    vicky #104

  33. What a fine machine. We would say... it does everything except play Advance Australia Fair (national anthem).
    The dolls are very cleverly done, very sad though.
    Thanks for leaving me a comment - and for sharing.
    Ros. #27