tiistai 3. huhtikuuta 2012

WOYWW 148 - new toys

I bought some glitter paints of Tattered Angels. I´m not very fond of glittering things, but these are kind of sophisticated - not TOO glittering! Now I´m trying to learn how to use them.

Tässä mun uudet lelut! Kimallemaaleja, jotka ei ole liian kimaltelevia... vielä kun oppisi käyttämään niitä :)

Here are two backgrounds to my art journal - or one spread. As you can see, not so glittering... I wiped it over with Ranger´s Color Wash :) but then I added a puff of Perfect Pearls Mist. So, the result was, that I covered my new colours with the old ones!
I used a kind of candle resist method around the stamps. I also made an ATC background using a bit more candle wax.
If you are wondering, why there´s so much space in my desk, I must tell you, that in fact this is our bedroom floor!

Pari sivua art journaliin ja ATC tausta. Onnistuin sitten peittämään uudet värini vanhoilla. Ja jos ihmettelette, miten mun työpöydällä on näin hyvää tilaa, niin täytyy kertoa, että itse asiassa tämä on meidän makkarin lattia!

From Julia´s Stamping Ground you´ll find more busy workdesks!

19 kommenttia:

  1. LOL, great bedroom floor desk today! i like the labels of your glitter paints, and the effects they make. happy WOYWW, happy Easter and thanks for sharing!
    blessings and hugs from #19
    peggy aplSEEDS

  2. Love those backgrounds for your Journal pages!

    I am still fairly new to journalling so I'm still learning new techniques.

    Thanks for the inspiration.

    Happy WOYWW

    Jackie x

  3. I love your colour and design sense. I wish I could work on the floor too, but I'd need a crane to get me up..hehe!!I'm a new follower. Interesting blogs.

  4. Hienolta näyttää! En määkään kauhiasti noista kimalteista välitä. Muutamat pullot on ja aina ne on tukossa. Noi Adirondackin mistit on paremmat. Ostitko kotimaasta vai Rootsista? Teen tänään sen esittelykirjeen ja laitan sulle. Ja pääsisäisen on Seppo pois joten meille mahtuis tuhraileen kaikkee tai ainakin käymään?

  5. Your colours are lovely, I never know which inks to buy there are so many! I think I have one of everything...all in purpley colours but I don't like to use them coz they are sooo expensive, sooo I put ordinary paint and glitter together and that was...a very interesting mess!
    Happy WOYWW! and have a lovely easter too!

  6. My glittery bits tend to be from using the Quickie glue pens sparingly and then dusting it with the very fine Martha Stewart glitter. That way, it highlights what I have done without overpowering it. Thank you for popping in today and for your enquiries about Flash, who is now running round as if nothing was ever wrong with him. Have a good Easter. xx Maggie #9

  7. O fabulous you cant beat tattered angels products they are fab,your pages are fantastic, Happy Easter, Hugs May x x x x No11

  8. Aha, so what are you using the desk for - a big secret?!! Ilove the colours. Im not big into glitter myself, but I do urge you to embrace it a bit..it won't hurt!!

  9. Lovely work Tuire - but which manufacturer made the stamp (I assume it's a stamp?).

    Thanks for stopping by!

  10. Fab glitter paints, I'm not into glitter much either. Lovely backgrounds. Take care, & enjoy peeking at the WOYWW desks this week. Zo xx 78

  11. they are gorjuss, not too glittery though, i know what you mean, thanks for the snoop

    Judie xx no 121

  12. Just had a lovely look round. I love your dolls from the dark side! lol. Your baby winter bear is a poppet!!

  13. I like the faces - they look like angels up in the sky to me!! Love the swirly blues of the heavens too. And is there such an idea as too much glitter?? Bring on the Bling :)
    Hugs, LLJ #7 xx

  14. Very pretty, but then I say...add more glitter! lol yeah, I am one of those glitter loving people! #44 and waving hi from the spring laden hills of North Carolina :)

  15. Very pretty--the shimmer is a great touch! Those flower faces are wonderful, Lost Coast Designs?

    Happy Easter to you,

  16. h aha ha - you do what I do, buy new colours, then mix them and end up with exactly the same hues again!!! by the way - you get fantastic wax resist effect with the very faintest colour wash if you use a caran d'ache neo II wax watercolour with hardly any colour & loads of water - dye just does n;t take over it ( so long as you don't use a solvent based one) and acrylics can be gently wiped/scraped off, - also glimmer mists are what made the mess of my keyboard - so I knwo they are totally water soluble so kind have to be the last layer in anything or they just move when you try to go over them... and yep - I think me table is more messy than your's this week, and I think you might have done a better journal spread?

    Dx @ 80

  17. Fabulous stash and journal pages!

    Miriam #107

  18. Stunning backgrounds, love those sprays x
    Sophie no.71

  19. beautiful backgrounds. I don't use too much glittery spray either but I just read on another blog that you can make your own spray using 1/2 water and 1/2 hairspray with a dropper or two of color ink. Might try it. Hope you have a great Easter. Vickie #60